Kuantan is the capital city of the state of Pahang on the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia. In the center, the modern Sultan Ahmad Shah State Mosque features 5 domes adorned with blue geometric patterns, plus 4 towering minarets. To the east, seafront Taman Teruntum park includes a landscaped garden and the Mini Zoo. Nearby Teluk Cempedak is a surf beach with a raised walkway.

Food & Drinks

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Exclusive Tours

Taiwan Le Secret Mimi Crackers (Delivery to Singapore/Malaysia/Thailand)

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Water Coloring Online Course: Galaxy Dreamy Landscape

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Brush Lettering Online Course: An art of writing

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Floral Embroidery Hoop Art Online Course

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Make Your Own Veneer-Style Clay Jewelry Online Course

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Japan Marumo Takagi Cold-Sensing Cherry Blossom Cup/Glass Gift Box: Delivery to Singapore & Malaysia

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Wi-Fi & SIM Cards

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