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Food & Drinks

Magi Planet Popcorn Gift Bag (Delivery to Singapore, Malaysia & Thailand)

Singapore, Multiple Countries

KiKi Fine Goods Noodles Gift Bag (Delivery to Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand)

Singapore, Multiple Countries
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Exclusive Tours

Tachia Master Gift Box: Lava Custard Taro Pastry/Baby Taro/Taro Mochi Pastry (Delivery to Singapore/Malaysia/Thailand/Vietnam/Philippines)

Singapore, Multiple Countries

[Taiwan Face Mask] Nan Liu Medical Face Mask (BFE>99%): Delivery to Singapore/Malaysia/Philippines/Vietnam/Thailand

Singapore, Multiple Countries

[Made in Taiwan] Tonyi Multi-Color Medical Face Masks (BFE>99%): Delivery to Singapore/Malaysia/Philippines/Vietnam/Thailand

Taiwan, Multiple Countries

Hsinchu Fuyuan Peanut Butter Series (Delivery to Malaysia/Singapore/Thailand/Vietnam/Philippines)

Malaysia, Multiple Countries

Bubble Universe Bubble Milk Tea DIY Pack (Delivery to Malaysia & Singapore)

Malaysia, Multiple Countries

Taiwan Lao Shi Cui Aiyu Jelly Seeds (Delivery to Malaysia & Singapore)

Malaysia, Multiple Countries

Wi-Fi & SIM Cards

Asia 4G Pre-Paid SIM Card (Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau Delivery)

Malaysia, All Cities

Singapore and Malaysia Portable Wi-Fi Rental (Pick-Up at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport or Delivery in Taiwan)

Malaysia, All Cities, multiple cities
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